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Maui Clean Sky Ordinance


The people of the County of Maui recognize that a group within the scientific community known as geoengineers (also known, amongst other names, as ‘climate engineers’) has proposed the global disbursement of aerosols and other particulates into the atmosphere for the stated goal of countering the affects of global warming. A scientific review of the research of geoengineers has demonstrated that such stratospheric aerosol-spraying disbursements, and other similar tactics, contain toxic substances and chemicals. These toxic substances have many known and unknown health and environmental consequences, of both short and long term effect.

It is self-evident that such disbursements into the atmosphere above and surrounding Maui County enters the breathing atmosphere, waterways, rain and soil. Maui County has jurisdiction over the deliberate disbursement of substances that enter our breathing atmosphere, waterways, rain and soil, and so the citizens of Maui must be fully informed and provided a means to consent or object to such disbursements after a full disclosure of the relevant facts.

We propose that the following Ordinance be passed and implemented to establish a means by which disbursements may be performed within the confines of this ordinance after submitting an Environmental Impact Statement to the Maui County Council for approval and obtaining written informed consent from the Maui County Council.

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